Technical R&D

No stop to pursue the technical innovation

1. Using R-ray non-destructive testing center, valve machining center, valve performance testing centre. 
2. Strictly control such as all kinds of machine processing, special technology etc.
3. Possess the first class spraying technology and equipment, it adopts special technology to spray super-hard layer on the internal parts such as valve disc, seat, body etc. 
4. The wear-resisting valve products of changcheng have super resistance to the abrasive mediums such as chemistry corrosion and solid particles etc. It takes the leading position of the same industry and has reached the international advanced level.
5. Our engineers are continuously evaluating our existing product utilizing all of advanced analysis and engineering tools to assure that our valves conform to customer requirements as well as industry standards. Additionally, they are subjected to cyclic operation under pressure to determine wear/life expectancy.

In order to optimize the design of our valve products, Welco uses several modern methods in our philosophy of product development:

Using the alike theories and model experiment method to carry on the development design,  for a specified series of valves.
Using the emulation technique to carry on the design verification for special valves and special structure.
Using the reliability design methods to design automatic control valves and nuclear power valves.
Using the test and analytical technique to make the new product integrated function analysis.
Using optimal design to make a specific valve series an optimal design.
Using computer aided design technology to make the valve structural design.

We offer all types of testing services which will be done at any Govt. approved laboratories like:

Physical Test
Flattening Test
Chemical Test
Bend Test
Tensile Test
Hydrostatic Test


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